Testimonial Mohammad Kaddoura

HDL - Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action Student


 Mohammad Kaddoura is a CERAH student of our new Distance Learning Certificate of Advanced Studies: Designing Strategies and Projects in Humanitarian Action. He is currently in Kampala, Uganda in a unique residential session at the Médecins Sans Frontières training centre where he is meeting the other students for the first time and the course coordinators Dr Edith Favoreu and Sandrine Delattre. Read our interview.

What is your professional background?
My professional background is diverse. I was a development worker in the Philippines, legislative consultant, academician and education executive, and now a security expert.


Why did you decide to work in humanitarian action and what is your current occupation?

I am working as project manager at Tdh Luzan for development project at Palestinian refugee camp at Lebanon and part of emergency project with Syrian refugees . I decided to work at this field because i want to make change and to improve their life situation and to build strong Comunity.

How is your participation in this course important for your organisation?
Through this course i will improve my skills and qualification and through this different course and support that i touched from expert training i will acquired strong competencies at strategic and analysis to build project that answer the people need through strategic view .

How can you already foresee how to integrate what you learn in your own reality?
Really we had strong training that drawn by specialist persons to answer our need that i already started to use this info and tools that we get from this training at my work .

Any highlights you want to share from Kampala? How does it feel to finally "meet" the other students?
Its good experience and i felt that i know them also i consider my self part of this family and we had good experience exchange with lovely colleague.


Mohammad working with the team in the Kampala training room

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