Testimonial Kristina Sutkaityte

HDL - Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action Student



What is your professional background?
The diversity of professional competences and variety of skills accumulated in one person is an asset in the current global labour market. The employers – private or public – look for wide and open thinking people, those who tend to think beyond their personal interests and acting in a responsible, informative manner.

The professional path I really enjoy is rather diverse. Starting with Human Recourse Management, where successfully was mentored by a highly professional HR Manager, to administrative domain in EU Institutions; decided to employ my knowledge for a self-employment – started consultations on EU and other funding and project management activities; served for a public institution in a domain of my interest – development cooperation and humanitarian action; acquired democratization knowledge while observing elections.

Today I live and work in South Caucasus in a post conflict country – Georgia. Enjoy professional environment while contributing to country’s’ and regional stability.

Why did you decide to work in humanitarian action and what is your current occupation?
Currently, I serve for an European Union Common Security and Defense Policy Mission in Georgia - EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM). As a seconded national staff member perform the Executive Assistant’s to the Head of Mission duties. I appreciate the day to day dynamics and variety of topics we deal with! It is the variety of issues that happen to be knotted and need to be loosed; the complexity of global political interests involved; the commitment and need for solutions to people’s life’s on the ground; this is what interests me most. The humanitarian sector is exactly such a challenging space. 

How is your participation in this course important for your organisation?
To attend the CERAH online course on designing strategies and projects in humanitarian actions decided following my personal motivation. The EUMM is neither a humanitarian organization nor developmental though thought constantly improving staff is an asset. The ability to think covering variety of topics of possible impact – social, economic, environmental, regional, political and other – can be welcomed.

How can you already foresee how to integrate what you learn in your own reality?
There are quite a few layers where the obtained knowledge can be integrated: the preparation of institutional and operational strategies; the quality improvement of applications for funding; the improved response to exact needs of those expecting it and many more.

On HOW practically to integrate the knowledge helps the concrete plan of action, a part of Project Cycle Management! It is the tool embracing the various aspects – context analyses, environment, humanitarian principles, and quality standards – that need to be taken into account when planning intervention into someone’s realities.

What impact can it have on your organisation, your team and projects?
Currently unfortunately not a very significant, but it indeed has an impact on my personality and future professional as well as academic plans. The CAS is a challenging and highly informative experience not excluding the shared experiences of fellow students red online!

Any highlights you want to share from Kampala? How does it feel to finally "meet" the other students?
The Kampala residential session is a great value added to the distance learning program. The online tools are efficient but not effective in terms of human relations. Meeting all in Kampala was a cheerful experience which leads to closer cooperation and better understanding. Despite the stories about WHO AM I on the online platform the break and evening talks in Kampala were much enjoyable.

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