Our students are humanitarian professionals or graduate students with relevant work experience in humanitarian action, or professionals from other field wishing to apply their skills and experience to the humanitarian sector.

All our courses are student-focused, hands-on, interactive, and involve an engaging and supportive relationship with our experienced and professional teaching team and leading experts in humanitarian action, with many esteemed lecturers from accredited humanitarian organizations and academic institutes.

The flexible, modular structure of our teaching programme allows students to adapt their learning to their schedules.

Our students enjoy a unique opportunity to join a vibrant intercultural community, fostering intellectual exchange among other humanitarian professionals, researchers in humanitarian action, and experts in the field.

"I structured - destructured, and  restructured my opinions based on other experiences, contrasting my view with theirs was part of my own learning process". 

Student, Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action

Most courses include visits to relevant international humanitarian organizations, where students can engage with high-level practitioners and experts in their disciplines.

The centre also opens a gateway to an impressive network in Geneva’s international and humanitarian community.

Our alumni community ensures that these connections are maintained and developed after completion of studies, giving graduates the advantage of a strong, supportive and global network of humanitarian professionals.


The Service de la solidarité internationale of the Canton of Geneva and the Wilsdorf Foundation provide students of the MAS, the DAS and the CAS-HDL Designing strategies and projects in humanitarian action with scholarships to partially cover the registration fees and/or living expenses in Geneva. These scholarships are attributed and administered by the centre. Only students who come from and work in one of the countries designated in the DAC list of ODA Recipients are eligible for scholarships (Please note the 4th column is excluded from applying for grants: upper middle income countries and territories).

The deposit is not part of the scholarship and must be paid by the student.

Candidates can apply for a scholarship by filling in the online application form.

Please note that we expect all students to contribute towards the cost of their education. The selection committee takes into account individuals’ financial contribution.

We therefore strongly advise you to look for your own financial support.

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