Other Events

  • Salon des métiers de l'humanitaire of Greater Geneva (SMH), France

October 11-13, 2018 - CERAH was pleased to take part to SMH.  During the two professional days, CERAH participated in the debates about the relation between humanitarian professionals and academic research, and on the challenges of communication in the context of the humanitarian action. CERAH was also present to the public fair, an occasion to interact with prospect students and other academic and international solidarity's actors. 


  • IHSA World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands 

August 27-29, 2018 - Dr Clara Egger, Research Coordinator of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia project, participated as speaker. In her presentation, she confronts the idea of existing studies claiming that a very large majority of organizations involved in humanitarian action are "young", coming from the Global South and working only on their own countries. Building on an original dataset, Dr Egger’s research critically examines these claims by providing evidence on the composition and diversity of the humanitarian sector and more precisely on the specificities of Global South institutions, in terms of organizational structure, patterns of emergence, areas and types of activities and targeted population.

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  • DIHAD, Dubaï, United Arab Emirates

March 5-7 , 2018 -The Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition (DIHAD) welcomed Dr Edith Favoreu - Community Engagement and Partnerships Manager - as a Panelist on the session “Emergency aid, development and conflict prevention”. More info here


  • Humanitarian Networkd and Partnerships Week (HNPW), Geneva

February 5-9, 2018CERAH's initiative, the Humanitarian Encyclopedia, will take part in the UN OCHA's event - the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) 2018, in different sessions: in a 2 hour participatory workshop on Monday and with a survey that will contribute to the data collection about the terminology used by humanitarian practioners. 


  • Forum Espace Humanitaire, Annecy, France

January 18-20, 2018Forum Espace Humanitaire 2018 was happy to welcome Doris Schopper both as keynote discussant and guest speaker in two different panels related to this year's topic "Controversial humanitarianism: realities and prospects. The first panel focused on access to population being threatened and what humanitarian actors can do, as well as on the funding gap and how it can be addressed. The second panel discussed the contours of humanitarian action with specific focus on the perennial, but also strongly revived debate since the WHS, on the differencies and necessary convergence of humanitarian action and development aid. 


  • 17th World Congress of the Academy of Human Reproduction,  Rome, Italy

March 17, 2017The Congress welcomed Doris Schopper, CERAH Director who talked about sexual violence - a topic at  the core of one of the CERAH's programmes.

Webinar: Watch her presentation online 

Video Prof Schopper 






  • L'Humanitaire en crise, Geneva

March 3, 2017 - Event organized with Geneva Call and the Centre for humanitarian psychology.


  • Swissnex Forum, San Francisco, California, USA 

January 28, 2017Swissnex, an initiative of Switzerland's State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) managed in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs, welcomed Doris Schopper at the "Everyone a Humanitarian" event

Soundcloud Prof SchopperSoundcloud: Listen to CERAH director Prof Schopper intervening on action, individual stories and in soft skills.

Access the full programme here


  • Eucen Autumn Seminar, Barcelona, Spain

November 24-25, 2016 - Edith Favoreu, CERAH's Knowledge Manager was part of the panelists of the seminar. She shared with the audience CERAH's experience in distance learning and more precisely the course "Designing strategies and projects for humanitarian action". She emphasized the importance of flexible strategies adapted to different working situations.


  • Salon des métiers de l'humanitaire, Annemasse, France

November 25-26, 2016CERAH will be present at this year's edition of the "Salon de Métiers de l'Humanitaire" in Annemasse and participate in a workshop that gathers Educational Centres and HR. Jean-Marc Biquet - CERAH lecturer and course coordinator - also animates a round table. 


October 28, 2016As Geneva's academic platform for Humanitarian action CERAH is regularly taking part in the event either with workshops either with a presence in order to inform visitors about CERAH's course offer.