CERAH End of Academic Year Ceremony


A few days ago we celebrated our annual End of the Academic Year ceremony. We spent a fantastic evening listening to our guest speakers and the class 2018 - 2019 of our Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action. 


ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Segment and Trade Fair


24-26 June 2019, UN Palais, Geneva

This year's ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Segment (HAS) will take place from 24-26 June in Geneva. Along with the programme and side events, OCHA has organised a Trade Fair, and we will be there to present our course offer and research projects, including our Humanitarian Encyclopedia. 

Workshop: "Think about what you saw"

Workshop: "Think about what you saw"


On 4 and 5 July, CERAH is organizing a workshop together with the Institute for Ethics, History, and the Humanities of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva.

The event aims at re-opening an old debate about the potentialities of exhibiting others' suffering in order to promote a culture of peace, prevent war and/or resolve conflict.


Full house at Altruism conference


The conference on 'The power of courage and altruism: Reflections from Rwanda to the present day' was a resounding success, taking place in a packed room at The Humanitarium.


The power of courage and altruism: Reflections from Rwanda to the present day


Tuesday, 28 May 2019, The Humanitarium, ICRC - Geneva. 18.00-20.00

Why do some people help others even if this means putting themselves at risk? The power of courage and altruism has been seen many times throughout history, from the 1st World War through to the present day. When the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda unfolded 25 years ago, at break-neck speed, catching the world by surprise, a few individuals risked their lives and freedom to help those being targeted. What makes people put the safety and humanity of others first, completely selflessly, even when the law, government or regime forbids them to?

This conference will draw on witness accounts and testimonies to reflect on how courage and altruism are present even in the most challenging and shocking circumstances and how this can help us understand their combined power during future crises.


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