Humanitarian Distance Learning

Scientific Committee


Dr Nathalie Herlemont Zoritchak


Dr Christophe Gironde

Senior Lecturer, Development Studies, Graduate Institute

Steven Fricaud

Director Emergency and Humanitarian aid Operations chez Tdh Foundation

William Epson

Training coordinator, L&D MSF- CH

Sarah Epprecht,

Chief of Staff, ICRC

Véronique de Geoffroy

Director of operations Groupe, URD

Pierre Bessuges

Senior advisor, OCHA (previous)

Bonnaventure Sopko

Head of Policy, Advocacy & Learning CHS Alliance

Sandrine Delattre

Trainer and facilitator, Practical Intelligence

CAS Co-coordinator, CERAH

Helena Merelo

CAS Co-coordinator (HDL), CERAH

Jean-Marc Biquet

CAS Co-coordinator (HDL), CERAH

Claire Barthelemy

CAS Co-coordinator, CERAH

Prof Karl Blanchet

Director, CERAH