what is humanitarian DISTANCE LEARNING (hdl)?

A programme offering accredited interdisciplinary courses for professionals in the humanitarian sector

CERAH has developed the Humanitarian Distance Learning (HDL) programme to offer modular, flexible and skill-oriented continuing education courses for professionals working or seeking to work in the humanitarian sector, regardless of where in the world they are based. Courses have been designed for humanitarian personnel operating at both head offices and in the field as well as for expatriate and national staff. A special emphasis of the courses is to build competencies amongst national staff in countries in crisis.

The HDL programme provides opportunities for managers, project managers and/or teams in NGOs or international organisations involved in humanitarian work to develop an individual, accredited training portfolio, geared to obtaining ECTS credits as defined in the Bologna agreements.

The HDL training offer has been developed building on CERAH's network of partnerships with some of the largest humanitarian organisations as well as drawing on CERAH's extensive experience in teaching and research on humanitarian action since 1998. The HDL forms an integral part of positioning and consolidating CERAH as an internationally recognised, academic teaching and research centre for humanitarian issues. 

8-month HDL Certificate of Advanced Studies - 10 ECTS Credits

The Certificate is composed of intensive courses and focus on problem-solving in professional realities. This highly interactive distance-learning programme offers modular, flexible and skill-oriented continuing education for professionals working in the humanitarian sector, regardless of where in the world they are based.

Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action

 26 August 2019 - 26 April 2020 

8-month course, including two residential weeks in Uganda. The course emphasizes adaptive and flexible strategies. It focuses on your own working situations and enables you to reflect on your current practices as you learn.

other Distance Learning courses

MOOC Humanitarian Communication: Addressing Key Challenges
ongoing (repeated throughout the academic year)

5 weeks open online course, 3-4 hours per week of work, focusing on the main challenges of communication in humanitarian action and the means to address these challenges.