Certificates of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (CAS)

Certificates of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (CAS)

The Certificates in Humanitarian Action (CAS) are focused, in-depth 7-week programmes of 10 ECTS credits

Offering a wide range of specialised courses, CERAH provides the opportunity for professionals to deepen their knowledge and skills in particular thematic areas of humanitarian action. The CAS provide 5 to 6 weeks of intensive courses delivered by academics and experienced humanitarian practitioners, followed by 1 to 2 weeks of individual work on a short thematic paper related to the  coursework.

The CAS courses are designed for persons with existing, basic knowledge of the course topic. In 2017 CERAH offers 5 CAS courses:


Humanitarian Distance Learning

Distance Learning Certificate of Advanced Studies:
Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action