Professional and Accredited Advanced Training in Humanitarian Action

CERAH offers a wide range of comprehensive and specialised advanced training programmes for professionals active in the humanitarian sector. The courses aim to broaden professionals' knowledge and understanding of humanitarian action, and help to develop the skills required to manage the challenges of contemporary humanitarian settings. Learn more about the key benefits of CERAH's educational approach.

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Comprehensive Master and Diploma Programmes

Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

❯ 10 to 12 months full time / 60 ECTS credits
The Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (MAS) covers all aspects of humanitarian action and allows students also to specialise in 2 areas of their choice. The programme's core objectives focus on the acquisition of theoretical tools and practical skills applicable in present-day humanitarian operations.

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

❯ 4 months full-time / 30 ECTS credits
The Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (DAS) allows humanitarian professionals to reflect on their professional experience and gain new insights as well as analytical skills. The programme provides participants with an overview of conceptual and operational aspects of humanitarian action.


Specialised Trainings and Skill Building Courses

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

6-7 weeks / 10 ECTS credits for each CAS
The Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Humanitarian Action offer professionals the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and aquire skills in particular areas of humanitarian action. The intensive training courses are delivered by academics and experienced humanitarian practitioners.

Thematic Short Courses

1 week / 2 ECTS credits for each TSC
The Thematic Short Courses (TSC) are interactive training formats that allow participants to analyse a range of issues of high importance to contemporary humanitarianism. The courses are led by senior academics and experienced humanitarian professionals who guide participants to build analytic skills and acquire practical tools.