Ms Bérengère Gautier

 Bérengère Gautier

Bérengère Gautier is a consultant in the company she created in 2006 which is active in the fields of project management, communication, administrative organization and headhunting.

Bérengère holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Geneva, she began her professional career in 1992 as head of publications at the Société pour le développement de l’économie Suisse (SDES) (now economiesuisse) before joining the Geneva cantonal administration in 1994.

Bérengère Gautier worked as a Deputy Secretary General in the Department of Education between 1993 and 2003 and as an Administrative and Financial Director of the Department of Justice, Police and Security until 2006.

Along with her professional activities, Bérengère created, together with her husband, an ecolodge of 19 rooms in Namibia. From there she also develops projects for local communities.

Bérengère Gautier is also involved in many associations in the field of health and welfare, including children and disabilities.