Ms Aude Thorel

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Aude Thorel has a strong background of 12 years in human resources management and 16 years in humanitarian action, mainly with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

She holds a Master Degree from Ecole de Management de Normandie, an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from The Center for International Health and Cooperation and Fordham University (New-York, USA), and a Master in Advanced Studies in Human Resources Management from Universities of Geneva, Neuchatel and Lausanne (Switzerland).

After having worked in humanitarian missions with Action Contre la Faim, then with MSF in Montenegro, Indonesia and Guinea, she has started working at MSF Swizterland Headquarters in Geneva and hold different positions in Human Resources, during which she has done various field visits to around 30 countries, including Iraq, Liberia, Kirgizstan and Haiti.

From 2011 till 2015, she was Deputy Director of Human Resources of MSF Switzerland, focusing on health policy and HR administration, and since February 2016 she is the Director of Human Resources of MSF Switzerland and continues to contribute to improve HR management in the field as well as in the headquarters.