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Romain Sauvain

Romain Sauvain is distance learning specialist at CERAH

Romain Sauvain


Romain joined the CERAH team in January 2014. With a Master in Educational Technologies from the University of Geneva and a Master in Computer Science from EPFL, he has expertise in pedagogy and educational technologies as well as in web technologies, databases and programming. With an experience of several years in each of these areas, he is able to advise and run projects, whether they involve the creation of distance training (e-learning / blended learning) or the implementation of learning platforms and environments.

Before joining CERAH, Romain worked for four years for a private company creating e-learning courses for the medical device domain. In this role he had the opportunity to work on the content of the courses, to be involved in the production process, decision making and management. In his last position at that firm, he was in charge of all the activities and processes related to the maintenance and development of the online platform, production of e-learning courses, quality control, and customer support.