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Dr Clara Egger



Dr Clara Egger joined CERAH as a researcher in 2016. 

Clara Egger holds an MA degree in Political Science (2010) from Sciences Po Grenoble (MA Program “International Organizations IGO – NGOs”) and a PhD in political science from the University Grenoble Alpes. Her PhD thesis analyses States’ control strategies of humanitarian NGOs at the unilateral and multilateral level, focusing on the cases of France, United Kingdom and the United States of America. During her PhD, she did field research in Kosovo and Kenya. Her research was awarded the French Red Cross Fund for the best research on humanitarian action and was shortlisted for the ECPR Jean Blondel PhD Prize for the best thesis in politics.

Drawing upon political economy theoretical frame, her current research projects include:

- the analysis of the conceptual frame of the humanitarian system with a particular emphasis on how geographical, organizational and disciplinary factors combine when concepts travel accross the humanitarian sector over time;

- the role of humanitarian action in international politics and, in particular, its links with military intervention

-  armed contestation of Western powers foreign policies

Her research methodology combines quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis strategies.

At CERAH, Clara coordinates the Research methods course and the MAS/DAS Dissertation process.

Clara is a member of the Teaching and Research Group on Science and Critical Thinking (CorteX) and an associate researcher of the Raoul Dandurand Chair in strategic and diplomatic studies of the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM) and has been invited at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), at the Friedrich Schiller Universiteit of Jena (Germany) and at UQAM. Before her PhD she has worked for several French and European NGOs such as Handicap international, VOICE and Caritas France.


Fields of Interest

  • Humanitarian action and international politics
  • Humanitarian funding
  • Contestation of humanitarism
  • Non-traditional humanitarian actors
  • Political economy 
  • Critical thinking

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Egger Clara - with Raùl Magni-Berton (under revision) « Islam radicalisation or islamisation of radicalism? Grasping the reasons leading Muslims to justify terrorism », Critical Studies on Terrorism.

  • Egger Clara (forthcoming) “Just part-time lovers? Competition, coercive coordination and friendship among international NGOs", Cambridge Review of International Affairs
  • Egger Clara (2016), “L'approche globale à l'européenne. L’impact des rivalités interinstitutionnelles sur la gestion de crise européenne en Somalie”, Politique européenne, vol.1, no.51, p.60-85.
  • Egger Clara (2016) – co-authored Alles Delphine, “Los sistemas de proteccion de drechos humanos en los paises del Sur: una miranda a las interacciones entre multilateralismo global y regional”, Foro Internacional, vol. LVI, num.1, p. 40-82.
  • Egger Clara (2016), “Partners in peace, peaceful partners? On the relations between UN, regional and non-state peacebuilders in Somalia”, Peacebuilding, vol 4., n.1, 1-17.
  • Egger Clara (2013) “L’Union européenne est-elle une source de coopération inter-organisationnelle ? Le cas de VOICE”, Etudes Internationales, Volume 44, n°1, pp. 5-24.

Book chapters

  • Egger Clara (2015), “Résistance devant les bonnes pratiques de la réforme humanitaire onusienne” in Klein Asmara, Laporte Camille et Saiget Marie, Les bonnes pratiques des organisations internationales, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po.
  • Egger Clara (2014), « Le Livre blanc et la gestion de crises extérieures : stratégie, acteurs et défis », in Bondaz Antoine (ed.), Le Livre blanc de la Défense et sécurité nationale de 2013. Regards de doctorants IHEDN, Paris, IHEDN, pp.17-31.
  • Egger Clara (2014), « Une stratégie globale : atouts et limites de la stratégie de l'UE pour la Corne de l'Afrique » & « L'UE et ses partenaires dans la mise en œuvre de l'approche globale : partenariat(s), complémentarité et rivalité », in L'approche globale de l'Union Européenne dans la Corne de l'Afrique, Paris, IRSEM : Études de l'IRSEM.

Other articles

  • Egger Clara (forthcoming), « Book review - Abbott (Kenneth W.), Genschel (Philipp), Snidal (Duncan), Zangl (Bernhard), eds – International Organizations as Orchestrator », Revue Française de Science Politique.
  • Egger Clara (2013), « L'influence des réseaux d'ONG sur la politique étrangère européenne », IRSEM, Lettres de l'IRSEM n°3.
  • Egger Clara, « Peur sur la ville, retour sur le traitement de l'attaque de Nairobi », ACRIMED, 29 octobre 2013.