CERAH's mission is to provide a research platform for researchers from various faculties of the University of Geneva, the Graduate Institute (IHEID) and humanitarian organisations.

The objective is to encourage a critical assessment of humanitarian practice in order to improve interventions.

As humanitarian action is essentially multidisciplinary, CERAH's research is too. Research activities are being developed in three main areas :

  • Multidisciplinary research programmes examining various aspects of the humanitarian enterprise
  • Research on particular humanitarian interventions with interested partners
  • Studies and analyses for humanitarian organisations responding to their specific needs

CERAH's flagship research project, the Encyclopedia of Humanitarian Actio offers a conceptual framework for humanitarian action, and provides a dynamic platform for national and international practitioners, community leaders, policy makers and academics to reflect on humanitarian concepts and practice for the 21st century.
By supporting a wide range of stakeholders and leveraging partnerships, the project will:

  • contribute to improve the quality of humanitarian policies and operational responses;
  • inspire innovation by strengthening the knowledge-policy interface and engaging academics;
  • foster change in ways of working with national actors; and
  • empower a broader, more informed and more cohesive humanitarian movement.

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