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Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH)

CERAH is the humanitarian platform in Geneva’s academic environment. In partnership with the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, CERAH offers a variety of training and diplomas and conducting multi-disciplinary research on topics of humanitarian action.

Training in Humanitarian Action

CERAH offers a wide range of comprehensive and specialised advanced training programmes for professionals active in the humanitarian sector. Learn more:
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Research on Humanitarian Action

CERAH's mission is to provide a research platform for researchers from various faculties of the University of Geneva, the Graduate Institute (IHEID) and humanitarian organisations.
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Events & Conferences

CERAH organises several conferences and workshops all round the year, aiming to bring debates on major contemporary humanitarian challenges and issues to a broader public.
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Just published

Just published

The MSF ethics review board has been solicited to provide advice and review research protocols in an "emergency" mode during the recent Ebola epidemic.

Linguistic Research Internship

Linguistic Research Internship



Annual Meeting of Frontline Negotiators and Mediators

Annual Meeting of Frontline Negotiators and Mediators


​Humanitarian negotiation is a professional domain that started to receive attention only about 15 years ago. We thus have few certainties and many questions. If we want to improve our understanding and our practice, rigorous research and well-designed professional development need to go hand in hand.


CERAH Activity Report 2015-16 is out

CERAH Activity Report 2015-16 is out


Past achievements and commitments for the coming year are illustrated in CERAH's report with a focus on co-operation and co-creation, two ubiquitous concepts in CERAH education and research.


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An Integrated Teaching Framework

Integrated Teaching Framework for Humanitarian Action

CERAH's educational offer builds on an integrated teaching framework.

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CERAH Activity Report 2015-16

CERAH Activity Report 2014-2015

This document details CERAH's past achievements, as well as commitments for the coming year.

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Research: Encyclopedia
of Humanitarian Action

Geneva Encyclopedia of Humanitarian Action

CERAH's research focuses on the scientific underpinning of the humanitarian sector.

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New Courses on Humanitarian Action

New courses Communication

One week in March, 2017, respectively

Develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of challenges, opportunities and limits:

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