CERAH is a joint Centre of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) and the University of Geneva (UNIGE) - a unique and innovative academic platform for humanitarian action.

CERAH has been contributing for the past 20 years to the development of the reflection in humanitarian action, both through education and research.  


education in humanitarian action

CERAH offers post-graduate dual degrees IHEID - UNIGE (Master, Diploma and Certificate of Advanced Studies) for humanitarian professionals as well as Short Thematic Courses (TSC). 

Its pedagogical model has been thought and developed around two main purposes:

  • offer the necessary theoretical knowledge to complement the professionals' profile evolving in humanitarian settings,
  • and respond to their need to adjust to a constantly changing and more and more complex environment

It is based on the logic of transferability of the theoretical knowledge into competencies applied directly in a humanitarian professional environment. 


Research on Humanitarian Action

In addition to its training programmes, CERAH is also contributing - through research projects - to the critical analysis and thinking of the humanitarian concepts, policies and practices in order to improve the humanitarian responses. 


Events & Conferences

CERAH organizes public events, conferences and workshops with the aim to bringing debates on major contemporary humanitarian challenges and issues, to a broader public than its students and partners. 

CERAH's academic staff is also regularly invited to taking part to different international events and fairs and hence, make other actors from the humanitarian action benefit from the Centre's expertise in this field. 





Want to obtain a dual Master degree?

Want to obtain a dual Master degree?

Apply now for CERAH’s SCHOLARSHIPS… Hurry up, there are only a few ones left!

Gathering evidence on the diversity of humanitarian “languages”

Gathering evidence on the diversity of humanitarian “languages”


As part of the Humanitarian Evidence Week, CERAH will explain how the Humanitarian Encyclopedia intends to gather and analyse the diversity of humanitarian “languages”.


Serri (Sura) Mahmood: ex-equo award winner

Serri (Sura) Mahmood: ex-equo award winner


We interviewed her about the Challenges of Children Born by ISIS Rape in Iraq.


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