Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (DAS)

Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (DAS)

The DAS in Humanitarian Action is a 19-week programme of 30 ECTS credits

Advanced training in humanitarian action for professionals. The interdisciplinary and specialized courses proposed by the CERAH will provide students with the theoretical and conceptual elements to enhance their analytical capacities of humanitarian realities and conditions.

The DAS is designed for professionals with experience in the humanitarian sector who wish to deepen their understanding of the contemporary humanitarian enterprise. The programme provides participants with a comprehensive overview of conceptual and operational aspects of humanitarian action illustrated through past and present crisis and humanitarian operations. The open and welcoming learning environment at CERAH fosters an interactive community of students, researchers and professionals located in international Geneva and beyond.

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Postgraduate-Level Education & Skill Building

DAS-humanitarian-actionThe DAS offers postgraduate-level education focused on providing participants with in-depth understanding of both the conceptual and operational questions of humanitarian action. Through the study of major humanitarian crises past and present, participants will acquire the tools needed to analyze, understand, and engage in critical reflection on the response to humanitarian emergencies today.

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Drawing on Geneva's Humanitarian Network

Geneva-global-focal-pointGeneva is a global focal point for the teaching and practice of humanitarian action. Home to important international organizations and numerous NGOs in the field of humanitarian action, Geneva provides a unique opportunity for the programme's participants to build and extend a professional network in the city's international and humanitarian community.

Professional Community & Exchange of Experience

CERAH-professional-communityParticipants in the DAS form part of CERAH's vibrant intercultural community, which fosters intellectual exchange between fellow students, researchers in humanitarian action, as well as experts in Geneva and in the field. The exchange of experience constitutes a central pillar of the programme and facilitates the multidisciplinary analysis of the varied challenges in contemporary humanitarian operations.


The teaching language at CERAH is essentially English. However, French-language students may take written tests and write their research report in French.

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