End of Year Ceremony 2017



Staff, students, family members and other guests celebrated another successful year during CERAH’s Academic Year End Ceremony on Wednesday 28th June at the Jacques-Freymond Auditorium.

The program served as an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment of our students, as well as to celebrate the end of another academic year.DSC_0155.JPG
The ceremony included welcoming remarks by Doris Schopper, Director of CERAH followed by Antonio Donini’s (Senior Researcher at Feinstein International Center at Tufts University) keynote on the Future for Humanitarian Action: “Let me explain. Humanitarianism is about our relationship with distant others. We don’t usually use the term for social protection issues or disaster response “over here”.  We use it for things that happen “over there”. …. Humanitarian action is part and parcel of this “Western code” of knowledge and power.  Of course there were other or different traditions of protecting and caring for vulnerable people in crisis, but by and large these traditions were replaced by, or buried under, the western humanitarian discourse.  That these traditions are now re-emerging is an interesting signal in itself. ”

The speech was also joined by Sophie Huber Kodbaye, Director of the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education at the University of Geneva where she reflected on the learning skills of our students and ask them to leverage and continue grooming their skills, because from today CERAH’s students are fully equipped to face all kind of clouds.
Last but not least, few words from Gilles Carbonnier, President of CERAH Board and Representative of the Graduate Insitute of International and Development Studies. Four of our students submitted their dissertation in advance and received their diploma by Gilles Carbonnier, the remaining students have to submit their dissertation in August.



Graduated student during the Year End Ceremony and their dissertation:

  • Daghigh Kasia, Family Planning in emergency settings in Muslim countries. The Case of IDPs in Yemen
  • El Amin Mohamad, From Implementing Partner to Partner?
    Towards a better understanding of challenges facing UN-NGO field-based partnerships in the humanitarian sector
  • Jeunay Mackendy, Economic security in humanitarian response achieving long-term objectives
  • Emmanuelle Schena, Le rôle des femmes dans l’action humanitaire: Revue historique et perspectives contemporaines

On behalf of all students Elayar Oihid, one of our 2016-2017 MAS student delivered a thank you speech to teachers and our graduated MAS student Mackendy Jeunay described us the Humanitarian World according to him and ended his speech with this note:
“You know you need an entry door to understand how to speak humanitarian.

And there’s no better entry door, to the humanitarian world than CERAH GENEVA.”

The ceremony ended with a cocktail diner and a balloon release session, where guests wrote a message to the world, all in the hope of touching the heart of someone.

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