CERAH's Partners

CERAH is an academic centre jointly operated by the University of Geneva and the Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. In addition, CERAH works closely with a number of partners who contribute to the centre's success in three key areas. These partnerships allow creation of spaces for co-learning, co-construction an co-creation.
This collective intention and motivation will contribute to CERAH mission to enhance the capacity of individual and institutional humanitarian stakeholders to devise and bring relevant, adapted and timely responses to the plight of populations affected by armed conflict, disasters and-or social exclusion.

CERAH  partners can be both: users as well as contributors. 7 types of partnership area co-exists within CERAH.


Srategic Partners

Representatives of CERAH’s strategic partners sit on CERAH’s Board of Directors and help decide on CERAH’s strategic choices and direction.  Their extensive field experience and authoritative knowledge of contemporary humanitarian crises provide CERAH with crucial guidance and support.

CERAH's strategic partners are:

  • Faculté des Sciences et de la Terre
  • Faculté des Sciences de l’Education
  • Faculté de Traduction et Interpretariat
  • Graduate Institute
  • ICRC
  • Law Faculty
  • Medecine Faculty
  • MSF
  • SDC
  • Theology Faculty


Are considered, as conceptual partners, the institutions that partcipate in the conceptualisation of training, by being invested in scientific committees and / or in the co-ordination of mechanisms.

  • Bureau International Catholique de l’Enfance
  • Centre sur les migrations globales forcées
  • CHS
  • ICRC
  • Geneva Call
  • Handicap International
  • HEC Geneva
  • Inzone
  • MSF Swiss
  • Norwegian Refugee Council
  • URD Group
  • UNDP
  • UNIGE, Medecine Faculty
  • UNIGE, Sociology Department
  • WHO


A number of institutions regularly provide experts to teach on specific aspects of CERAH's courses.

CERAH’s main teaching partners are:

  • Conflict Dynamic
  • CPH
  • DFAE
  • Handicap International
  • ICRC
  • IFRC
  • La Roseraie
  • MSF Swiss
  • Omoana  House
  • Save Skies
  • SDC
  • Transparency International
  • UNDP
  • URD Group

 Techno Pedagogical Partners

  • UNIGE - Formation Continue
  • UNIGE - Service Moodle et Chamilo


Organizations that promote internal or external events of the CERAH and especially the training courses are considered as promotion partners.
Here are the organizations that incorporate cerah offers officially in their training catalog:

  • ICRC
  • MSF
  • PHAP
  • Red Cross
  • TropEd
  • URD Group


The sustained funding from several institutions allows CERAH to offer student grants, to develop pilot activities such as new training modules and research projects, and to host conferences and special events.

  • DDC
  • Fondation OAK
  • Graduate Insitute
  • Service de la Solidarité Internationale
  • Unige